How it works

The model is simple. We help holiday home owners to rent out their property through various of online platforms, but mainly Airbnb.

We take a commission of only 15% of the rental income. In addition Airbnb takes a service fee of 5%, this means there's a minimum of 80% for you! It might be to cocky to claim that we are the by far the cheapest in the business, but we dare to say that we are cheaper than most. If you holiday home have a ‘holiday residence status'(dk: sommerhus status), our service guarantees you a higher tax deduction of 21,400 DKK in total.

The Airbnb platform

We offer rental services using the world's largest rental platform, Airbnb. This ensures that your house gets maximum exposure worldwide. Airbnb is represented in 191 countries, and more and more use it as their favorite place to book the holiday. Read more about your guests' conditions at Airbnb, here.

We have collected data from Airbnb rentals on Bornholm in the period from March to September, 2016. The figure below shows the proportion of available holiday homes on Airbnb that was rented out. On average, 95% were rented in the high season from week 24 to 35. This proves that Airbnb obviously isn't just a "big city phenomenon" but also popular in areas outside the city, a trend seen across the country.


Service and flexibility
We are available throughout the entire rental process both to you and to your guests. It is up to you, whether you want to be involved in the rental, or if you prefer to sit back and let us fix it all.

Professional cleaning
We believe that the arrival of a professionally cleaned house is the first step on the road to a good holiday experience. We make sure that the house is cleaned before all new guests through efficient collaborators.

Ongoing evaluation
Our model only works if our customers earn money. This means that we are fully focused on our customers' interests, as it is also in our interest. We regularly evaluate the rental price and use effective pricing mechanisms that help maximize the number of rental days.

Verification and background check
Before we approve a new guest in your home, everyone will be verified and checked back. This gives you the necessary peace of mind.

Fewer costs
We ensure you the highest possible share of revenue by streamlining the processes so you do not have to pay for unnecessary expenses. We believe that focused marketing and personal service do not need to involve expensive directories and bonding periods. What matters to us is to give you freedom and the highest possible rental income

Who are we?

We dream of giving you, as a homeowner, a better alternative to what the traditional agencies offer. At the same time, we want to give tourists a better experience when booking their stay at our lovely island.
If you have more unanswered questions, feel free to contact us through the form below, or see if others have asked for the same under FAQ.


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